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  • The engine test

    When I returned from USA I picked up my engine from Verner company and this is its first flight.

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  • Another stolen trike - Keep your eyes peeled and help a guy out

    I saw this on another trike site. Thought perhaps it would help to re-post it here Hello everyone: On November the 29th a Trike and two wings were stolen from my hangar.The thieves knew exactly what they wanted and were very specific in what they stole.They obviously had been in my hanga...

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  • Single Engine Running Rough

    Trike Pilot:  Tower, Experimental Trike 16Alpha, request priority landing due to my engine running rough. Tower:  Trike 16 Alpha you will be number two, behind a B-52 that has one engine shut down. Trike Pilot:  “Ah, the dreaded seven-engine approach.”

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  • Gibbo Manta 15 meter single surface wing on an HKS 700e, a good idea or not?

    I am thinking of buying my second wing and would like your input. Currently I fly a 19 meter Northwing with my Navajo trike that has an HKS 700e engine and I am thinking of getting a 15 meter single surface wing and I need your guidance. On one hand you have Northwing and on the o...

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  • Is Carb Ice A Concern When Flying in Hot, Humid Climates? (Pilot Workshops)

    Do you guys link to  We get email newsletters that are sometimes interesting.  If you want to check the page directly, you can go here OR here's an example: "Depending on altitude and other ambient conditions, it is possible to get carburetor ice...

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  • The Green 1 e-Glider from eUp Aviation- Canada. Electric Soaring Trike !!!

    When I went to Dan Beattie's page, I saw this message from Dave G there about a Canadian Electric Glider company.  Too cool.  My next trike is definitely going to be an electric (used) soaring trike:

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  • Static Thrust Competition at ROTR

    Rotax Rick should be happy to hear his 670 engine with a 7” smaller prop…matched the significantly more expensive 914, and spanked the twice as heavy Sub 2.2. Western Rotorcraft 5 July, 2013 Number     Aircraft     Engine  ...

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  • NASA: 3-D printed rocket part holds up in test and "Print your own Plane from Plans!!!" Holy Cow

    So my question of will MY part idea be strong enough has probably been answered  "...withstand a test that included pressures of 1,400 psi and temperatures up to 6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. " August 27, 2013 By Jim Moore on AOPA ...

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  • Oil Pressure Sender problem on Rotax 912 series engines?

    Is anyone else having failures of their Oil Pressure sender frequently?  I've gone through about 4, this last one lasted about 3 months only.   From what I know this is a known reliability issue.  Sometimes they last a while and sometimes they don't.  T...

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  • Pilots need to understand why piston engines fail

    If you guys haven't read this guy's stuff, you're missing out on great engine info.  Blogger Mike Busch writes piston engines should be overhauled only when needed, but in order to do that, pilots need to understand how they fail. Some components, like pistons, cylinders or va...

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