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  • Gibbo Manta 15 meter single surface wing on an HKS 700e, a good idea or not?

Gibbo Manta 15 meter single surface wing on an HKS 700e, a good idea or not?

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I am thinking of buying my second wing and would like your input. Currently I fly a 19 meter Northwing with my Navajo trike that has an HKS 700e engine and I am thinking of getting a 15 meter single surface wing and I need your guidance.

On one hand you have Northwing and on the other Gibbo. Gibbo wing is at least 2000 dollars cheaper. But because of the reduced span of the Gibbo wing, I have heard that your engine has to work extra hard by at least 800 rpms for the same level flight....is that right?

All I want to do is to get a 15 meter for kinda mid day flying. I am still not a big cross country guy, just like to get air time around the patch but want to fly just a tad bid faster.

In the past I had thought of getting a 12.5 meter Gibbo and was very strongly discouraged by many on other forums.

Guidance please :)


  • Doug from Boulder Creek

    Hey Rizzy, I just got a Gibbo 12 meter Orca, the double surface version of the Manta. It's basically the same wing as the Manta. The only difference with the Manta is in the sail. Mark Gibson builds a very strong wing, great materials and workmanship.  So far I am not disappointed. I'm having fun with it. With a small wing, you'll have trade offs. I went from a 17 meter single surface Aeros Still on this Antares. With my 582, I'm typically running about 300 rpm more for level cruise trim flight. At the same time, I'm going considerably faster. Turbulence is much, much less of a disruption. My take off roll is longer. I keep a bit of power on during my approach to keep the same glideslope I've been used to. Landing speed is higher (rollout longer).  Your power off sink rate will be increased noticeably. I'd be willing to talk to you on the phone if you want. Let me know.  Doug Ferguson

  • cburg

    I have both the Manta 12.5 and Orca 12. The Manta requires much higher RPMs but it feels a little more nimble, and is a little harder to land. I think the Manta needs a 912, but the Orca will do fine with a 582 HP range, and is easier to land. But feels a little stiffer.

  • cburg

    I forgot to mention, that because of the need for more bar travel in pitch in low-aspect ratio wings, the less of a speed range you will get.

  • Dan H

    I fly an Orca with both a 503 and 670 and love it. Ignore the comments from those that have never flown one.

  • RizzyWizzy

    Thanks every one, Doug I would like to talk with you over the phone. I sent you my cell in your email.

  • Doug from Boulder Creek

    Hey Riz, Did you end up deciding?