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  • Marble Canyon Fly in 2010

    Trikes at Marble Canyon Fly-In on 10-10-10

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  • Cross-Country Trikers

    Cross-Country Trikers

    A group for Trikers who are interested in flying long distance: Whether it's just a few miles or Cross State-- it's all good.  Just get out and Cross it!!! Planning, equipment, packing, weather, supporting, Multi-day adventures, wilderness flying, mountain flying, get togethers, or just interes...

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  • A Lovely Cruise

    Dave Myers and I visitied Daytona Beach, FL last Janaury, to enjoy some mid-70's temperatures while it was cold back home.  Thinking about doing it again this year!

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  • Mid-Atlantic XC trikers

    Anyone flying XC can count on an overnight hanger in NC when passing through.  Call Doug (336) 414-2522 or Todd (336) 558-6800

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  • Drift HD170

    I use the above to film and capture audio through my intercom.  I can turn it on/off record while flying via the remote.  I like that, plus the LED viewfinder lets me see the angle before departing (helpful, when you remove the camera for local shooting).  It also has a rotatable l...

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  • Airborne Cracking Problem Identified.

    Joe Swift  I just picked up this post from another trike site concerning a problem with a component that have been identified as having a cracking problem and I thought it important enough to pass it along to our members here who fly Airborne trikes with out delay. This post read...

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  • Flying High

    PBS footage

    Tags: trikes, birds, migrations

  • Flying High

    PBS footage

    Tags: trikes, birds, migrations

  • Salton Sea Fly-In Feb 5-10: in the fat sweet air 200' below sea level Hosted by Paratoys

    This is mostly a Powered Parglider & Powered Parachute Event, but trikes are welcome. To Register with Paratoys go here: From their website description: "Smooth lake air, desert sun and ALL DAY FLYING at almost 200 feet below sea...

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    I can help you with issues regarding ""  ;) Use the feedback button on the left side of your screen to ask for help make suggestions, etc!   Admin is more than one person and we like everybody and therefore we can't "friend" members individually.   We're so happy that everybody ...

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