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  • Trike Wombat

    Trike flying in 1989 at Hexham, Newcastle Australia. Chris Brandon flying an Airborne Buzzard Arrow 582 trike for the TV show - Wombat.

    Tags: Trike Flying 1989, Australia, Wombat TV, Buzzard Arrow

  • Living on the Edge..more History

    Never attempt this type of trike flying..1990 was a time of extreme fun & experience development for flying trikes in Australia. Enjoy.

    Tags: Extreme Landing, 1990 Triking, Australia

  • First Flight of the Year- 2013 and First World-Wide Virtual Trike Fly-In!!!!

    YFT is having another First Flight of the Year 2013. Meet at YFT Hangar 19 at 0600 hours for a flight into D-Class airspace and then back to YFT for breakfast. All welcome

    Tags: World-Wide Fly-In, Trike, Virtual, Australia, YFT, Yarrawonga Aerodrome, 2013, New Year's Day

  • True Glory Destination YFT

    The stylish Air Creation, Tanarg 912s ~ BioniX 13 achieves 'First of Type' Light Sport Microlight Compliance Acceptance in Australia. RA-Aus approved full registration on the 17th January 2013 after processing the QCS Data Package. Destination YFT 2013 - is a celebration of 17 years & 72 hour...

    Tags: First of Type Acceptance, Tanarg 912s BioniX 13, Australia, YFT

  • Cool little story about a Sea Eagle in Stanwell Park

    Sea Eagle hitches a ride!  Read here:    

    Tags: sea eagle, hang glider, NSW, Australia, Stanwell Park

  • Air Creation meets RA-Aus Head Office

    Arrive at the head office for RA-Aus, Recreational Aviation Australia to discuss the QCS Certification Requirements with importing YFT's new Tanarg BioniX 13... all good, and CASA delegate is on hand to confirm we have a level playing field. Yahoo!

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  • Australia has a new Tanarg BioniX 13

    YFT is shifting the Tanarg 912s (100hp) BioniX 13 arrives today for assembly and compliance acceptance..stay tuned!

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  • YFT Tanarg evolves from the box..

    A very happy day at YFT - Peter & Anne's new Tanarg 912s (100hp) is assembled and prepared for the QCS inspections in Australia. A sexy trike oozing lots of yellow, carbon fibre, and style with aroma's of just built..such a pity Peter has no sense of smell!

    Tags: YFT, Sexy Tanarg 912s, Australia

  • The paper chase for compliance registration at YFT

    Peter & Chris conduct the QCS inspections of the YFT Tanarg 912s BioniX 13 for (First of Type) compliance acceptance registration in Australia.

    Tags: Quality Control System, Compliance Acceptance, Registration, Australia, Feature Me

  • Go BioniX at YFT

    RA-Aus - CASA approval to fly is granted at 4.00pm on Thursday 17th January 2013.., just 72 hours after the QCS is submitted for acceptance to fly legally in Australia.

    Tags: QCS Acceptance, Tanarg BioniX 13, Australia