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  • Marble Canyon Fly in 2010

    Trikes at Marble Canyon Fly-In on 10-10-10

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  • Ningaloo Reef

    Tags: Ningaloo Reef, Western Australia, Exmouth, airborne, microlight, flying, aviation, Cape Range

  • Airborne Cracking Problem Identified.

    Joe Swift  I just picked up this post from another trike site concerning a problem with a component that have been identified as having a cracking problem and I thought it important enough to pass it along to our members here who fly Airborne trikes with out delay. This post read...

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  • Learning to Land - consistently!?

     I am looking for your assistance so PLEASE chime in if you have words of encouragement and wisdom. Today I left the field deflated and frustrated. I didn't solo. The weather was just right - but I wasn't. Now don't get me wrong - even though a lot of the disappointment ...

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  • Airborne Windsports Australia - Microlights

    Airborne Windsports Australia - Microlights

    Exchange your Airborne Microlight experiences, modifications, warnings, maintenance and any other ideas in this group. Manufacturer Website: Facebook:

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  • I am very close to Solo....

    Hi Everyone.  I wish to introduce myself.  My name is Stewart. I am in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.  I have been learning to fly since July and bought a used XT912 in September. It's yellow base with blue/white cruze wing. If you wish to follow my training blog, please refe...

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  • Airborne - Spare Parts

    Ordering Airborne Spare Parts To order spare part for your Airborne microlight, simply follow this process.

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  • AirBorne Microlight /Trike Wing Nose Channel Mandatory Service Bulletins

    I just came across a bulletin from 2003 that may be worth keeping in mind when you registration inspect your trike, and especially if your wing is older than 2004.

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  • This is how the front fork carrier should NOT look...

    Just checked mine and all is good. (2007 Airborne XT-912 Tourer). (12/1/2013) Well it's doesn't need an xray... Upon closer inspection of a photo from Saturday, and another closer inspection today - I found a crack. (14/1/2013).   It wasn't too obvious but it's the...

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  • An Account of my Solo Last Week.

    Knowing that choosing to depart the Earth for the heavens implies the responsibility of a safe return to Terra Firma, brings forth many emotions that tangle and weave in our minds. Today (8/1/2013) has left me light headed and giddy as to what I really feel. It will take time to sort out ...

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