First Flight of the Year- 2013 and First World-Wide Virtual Trike Fly-In!!!!

First Flight of the Year- 2013 and First World-Wide Virtual Trike Fly-In!!!!

This will be the very first flight for 2013 all around the world... What we need is anyone with a Trike to go for a fly as early as they can on 01-Jan-2013, and take a photo then post it on this site


ISO Speed80
Focal Length6mm
Captured2013:01:01 16:16:04

Snow Mail 2013

By Illinois Triker

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Snow Mail 2013

Happy New Year Everyone!

Snow greetings from 500'. Taken 1-1-13 3:00pm, temp: 21F (-6C).

Had to shovel a gap in two drifts to get to the runway....but it was worth it.


  • Janet

    This is fantastic! You guys are hard core!!!!!

  • YFT

    What a great shot. Wish I had your energy... But it's way too hot over here.

  • Jagsy

    Very cool... no pun intended :)))))

  • TrikeBoyWonder

    Great photo! Bundle up you guys.... ;)

  • Ken

    Incredible dedication!


  • Admin

    Really great shot from one of our newest users. Featured this one on our facebook site! Thanks for taking the time to get this great shot!

  • XC Triker

    This is an AWESOME shot!!!!!  I think it should go on the Calendar page-  Riz, have you got it up yet?  uh, the calendar shot thing ... 

  • GeoBlaze

    Fantastic idea and photo...  That must have been quite a workout shoveling all that snow !

  • Jozinko

    Really great idea and photo!

  • XC Triker

    Don't forget to post a photo of you on New Years Day    HERE    (link)  for the 2nd Annual World Wide Virtual First Flight 2014 Fly-In !!!!

    (OK, you don't have to be flying-- Jozinko is going to post himself making snow angels, or in the back of a police car ...   and you can also post a photo not exactly taken on 1/1/2014  close is good enough--   but there is really no reason not to post-- anything.  Lots of people posted smooching their aircraft in the hangar--  don't you need to go down there and check it out anyway, caress her? )

    Who's going to Top Illinois Triker's Awesome photo? 

  • Ken

    Hoping we can get some cool 2015 shots from all of you out there!!!

  • Admin

    This is an old photo (now) for Illinois Triker (@amays) showing the sheer dedication to our annual first flight world wide virtual trike flyin. Hoping you all will go at least this far to get that first flight in and post photos here for us to share.