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My reductor

By Jozinko

Categories: Trike Talk, Tech, Photography

I had some vibrations on my prop and we must to open my reductor and made a little correction on my propeller holder shaft. Today we composed it.


  • FlyDiver

    The only things in the damper are the power pulse damping springs and some clutch plates that are used to protect the crankshaft in the event of a prop strike. I am very curious to know what you found that caused the vibration.

  • Jozinko

    Unfortunately nothing! The shaft had a little deviation, then my daddy repaired it, but he told me before, the deviation is so small, it cant make this vibrations. We thought if any of silentblocks, which keep the engine, is not bad. We must to try it....

  • FlyDiver

    In my experience, the most likely cause of vibration is the carburetors out of balance. It is easy to determine, just turn the cable adjuster at the top of the carburetor to get minimum vibration. If the vibration goes away that was the problem. The intake manifold gaskets can cause a small vibration around 3800 rpm if the gaskets are protruding out into the manifold. The fix is to trim the gaskets flush with the manifold. Hope this helps...

  • Jozinko

    Yes, Mr Verner told me it too. I must to check the carburatores setting. Thank you, for your advice!

  • XC Triker

    These are a great picture series Jozinko !  Your trike looks awesome.  Wow, you know Mr. Verner-- that's very cool !

  • FlyDiver

    So is Mr. Verner:-) Photo uploaded somewhere...

  • Jozinko

    Hmmmm, told I about Mr. Verner, anything what can be understanding by other way??? :-)

    FlyDiver, thank you very much, for your advice! We are to try to adjust the cable at the top of the carburatores with my father and it works more better. As you told, I have some vibrations around 3800 rpm now. You mean the gaskets on heads? Between head and carburatore...

    Mr. Verner told me it: check your carbs setting! two month ago.... But I didnt believe than my carbs would be unsetting. Now I know, what the reductor looks inside :))

    I found your photo :-) The Verner factory team 2005.

  • FlyDiver

    The gaskets are on the intake manifolds, not the heads. They are paper and sometimes a bit too large. Just sand them down on the inside edges until they are flush with the inside wall of the manifold. I can look up the manifold part number if you need it.

    What I meant to say is that Mr. Verner is a cool guy. Truly a master machinist. I have watched him grinding crankshafts. The two men in the left rear of the photo are father and son, both machinists. The two in the front left are Verner's sons. Front center is another of the machinists and the man on the right is a mechanic who spoke very good English. He has been replaced by Joseph.

  • XC Triker

    That's awesome you are able to get help from thousands of miles away here--  one big World Wide Trike Flying Club !!!

  • RizzyWizzy

    I love the looks of that engine, for the longest time I was thinking of getting a 103 trike with Verner 360 and now that HKS is not making engines any more, I might look at a Verner for my next engine (should I outlast my current engine, it still is near 80 hours total time, and if I am careful, I might be able to take it upto 1500 without any overhauls).


  • FlyDiver

    North Wing and Fly Hard Trikes are putting the 360 on their trikes. Bare engines may be had through Central Florida Flyers. I have one on my Belite but not many hours on it yet due to moving. Hope to cure that by summer:-)

  • white eagle

    Hey flydiver good luck that all looks pretty some point iam going to be looking at the 4 stroke possabilitys.

  • Jozinko

    Thank you for your help guys! With pleasure I can to tell you, my problems are out. But with my Peszke propeller... As FlyDiver advised me, my father and me made all, what FD writed me. We were setup both carburatores, I replaced intake mainfold gaskets, we were setup my Peszke prop by laser to one point and allways it had a vibrations. Today we were checked it with my mother and father too :) And if I increased a  engine RPM, then the vibrations are increased too. Then we changed my old Ukrainan AERO prop. We were setup a blades by laser to one point on wall (about 7meters distance) and checked it. A critical RPM are between 2600-3200. Here are some little vibrations on prop. My cruising speed is with 3600-3900 RPM (solo-with passenger). I thing, the blades can have a little bigger angle, because on engine I have 5100 RPM and on prop I have 2220RPM. With my reductor 1:2,29 would be good 5000 / 2183. I can to try it at the weekend. On Sunday will be "Open the Sky" on some airports. I hope, my father as navigator and me will to fly there. On Saturday I will to make a test and I want to fly alone, or someone here. Im happy as a little piggy :)

  • FlyDiver

    Glad I could help. With 42 hp in each cylinder, it doesn't take much difference in carburetor adjustment to make a lot of vibration. Getting parts for Delorto is becoming difficult. You might want to consider replacing the Delorto carbs with the Bing 64's. Bings are expensive but very much superior to the Delorto. Verner developed a fuel injection for the VM133MK but for some reason chose not to release it. In my mind that would have been the best decision. We did convince them to add FI as an option for the JCV-360.

  • Jozinko

    Mr. Verner told me, the Dellorto is more powerfull than Bing. Yes, they developed injection and it was tested on this mine engine (when it used Michal Seifert) but it doesnt work perfect. Then they returned to carburetores. When I changed my old VM133MK for "new" Michals engine, then he told me: keep your Dellorto carburetores, because my Bings are less powerful. I thing too, the fuel injection will be better way.