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Weather Pics

By Dave G

WOW! Stacking Lenticulars

Stacking Lenticular

This photo shows the height and the depth of the smoke that blankets virtually the entire province of B.C.

The first photo taken by a pilot, shows a large nuclear looking mushroom cloud which has formed over the Tweedsmuir South Provincial Park in the Cariboo region.

"Mushroom cloud being generated by intense heat from interior wildfires near Tweedsmuir Provincial Park taken from WestJet flight. Followed by a Smokey approach into YVR at sundown."


  • Ken

    Watch out, nothing good happening near that cloud!

  • white eagle

    Thats an incredable stacked lenticulars  wow . High winds , sheer turbulance . Time to put the bird in a barn an pull out the moose drool pale ale and fly in a lawn chair dave!

  • Tussock

    Someone mention moose drool?

  • Ken

    Moose drool is very slippery, and also not a bad beer!

  • Doug Smith

    And a pretty good band name. 

  • white eagle

    Hey tussocks.  Moose drool is a great montana micro brew. I also like trout slayer! GREAT  for that after flying sunset and campfire on the beach! You know when i went to austrailia those mates worked me over on convincing me who had the best  micro brew ( queensland or victoria) . But to be fair they were all good even tho i never got to complete one single beer before it disappeared and the full rival was placed before me with a quick voice saying ( buggars mate whats this sheet heres a real beer mate!  I must admit that too this day i still am partial to a good mexican beer like dos equis, or carrona with a,splash of lime. But the jury is still out till i get the chance to fly and hang out with a great pilot namely tussocks on some remote beach in beautiful New Zealand! IN REALITY A MICRO BREW TASTE BETTER AFTER A GREAT DAY OF FLYING WHEN YOUR HANGING OUT AROUND A GOOD CAMPFIRE WITH FRIENDS. Weather its in nevada with ken or Dave G in canada or my buddy joe hockman on the east coast or down under with the awesome mates in Austrailia and New Zealand. Of course theres that jozzy fellow in slovakia but plum brandy is another matter!. REALLY NOTHING BETTER THAN FLYING LIKE A BIRD AND HAVING A GOOD MICRO BREW AROUND GOOD FRIENDS AND A CAMPFIRE!

  • Tussock

    Oh, I didn't realise that Moose Drool was real! I'd assumed that it was a name conjured up in the vivid imagination of some US trike pilot. Now that I'm better informed, I can't wait to try some! 

    WE, here in NZ it seems that every second person has a microbrewery. The local poor-taste joke about attractive women here is "...but does she have a brewery?" We've got a couple of fantastic examples a stone's throw from my front door. 

    Anyway, I'm with you - an after-match campfire with slightly burnt meat and salad washed down with something frothy is hard to beat. If you get your butt over here, we'll crank up that post-flight campfire and I'll introduce you to some of my favourites brews: Angry Peaches, Death from Above, Pernicious Weed and maybe a few others on other nights! 

  • ULtrikepilot

    The name Moose drool does not seem to conjure up the right visual for me when I think of beer. But I did sample some when I was in Montana and it really was not too bad.  On the other hand,  Angry Peaches, Death from Above, and Pernicious Weed, wow those sound like some interesting micro brew names. Bryan I bet they are really good ones too.

  • Tussock

    With a little luck you'll find out, Joe - I'll have a few in the fridge when you get here. I can't imagine the flavour of Moose Drool... I'll leave David to describe that one!