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  • Motorkite Dreaming (An epic trip)

    5 episodes detailing the fun and tribulations of a group determined to cross 4000 klms of Australian outback by trike. Amazingly captured!This show has some great sphincter pucker...
  • Cell phone and music connectivity onboard?

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    Has anyone besides Dean Coleman, ever used a system like this onboard their trike to get cell phone and music through their headsets? This particular unit is manufactured for Pilot communications USA and retails for $260 us on their website. I cant...
  • Ever thought about flying up into Canada eh?

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    Categories: Trike Talk, Safety, Manufacturers / Sales / Industry Pros

    I have had a few short dicussions with some U.S. WSC pilots about bringing their rigs up into Canada for possible fly-ins. A lot of them believe that there is no allowances for this. I came across some info that was on another site and the credit...
  • Welcome Mark (GIBBO)

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    Categories: Equipment

    Great to see you here Mark. For those of you who dont already know I have just placed an order with Mark (GibboGear) for a 17 meter Manta. He said that it will be ready in 4 weeks and the color scheme will be the same as Rizzy's.....I...

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    Are you entertained? do you learn anything? do some of the articles inspire you? Is it just a place to hang out and chat with like minded people, perhaps get a laugh or two? If you get anything at all from Alltrikes..........consider this a...
  • Fit to fly?

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    Categories: Trike Talk, Training / Learning to Fly a Trike, Safety, News

    Why is it so cockadoody important that you are medically fit to fly.....just ask the 19yr old passenger referenced in this article, http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story-107458-5-.htm#107458  
  • Opinions needed......What is the best communications helmet setup?

    Please chime in and let me know what you feel the best communications setup is......What kind should I stay away from?......makes and reliability.......those of you that have had a few different kinds, why the change, was it a change for the better?...