DingaAirborne XT 912 Streak 3 Tundra

Microlight Over Cape Range National Park

By Dinga

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This was a quickly edited version of a 1.5 hour flight over Ningaloo Reef and Cape Range National Park in Exmouth WA.


  • Noel C

    great video in a beautiful region of Oz. First song from Delametri brought back memories. Thanks for sharing.

  • white eagle

    whew really nice video dinga    i loved looking down under the down under in the beach shots. holy cow looked like you were flying over a giant brain . what very interesting geological formations and delametri sounds a little like dire straights.  loved the video and music thanks from the other side of the space grape.

  • Jozinko

    Beautiful video Dinga. I love views along beaches. They are beautiful. I smiled when your passenger fastened his safety belt before landing and his victory dance after landing is great! 

  • ULtrikepilot

    Very nice video Dinga.  You certainly have some rugged and rather barren topography there.  Nice contrast with the shore view.  It is great to see others practice their engine off landings too.  thanks for sharing.

  • Dinga

    Thanks, it certainly is great flying up there ( when the weather is fine), this one wasn't me flying unfortunately and my wife is the passenger. They had a ball.

    Yes White Eagle it's funny but it so does look like a giant brain from up there. There were some great still shots, I'll try to get some uploaded.

  • Rick D

    Wow, beautiful waves and waters. Nice contrast to the land waves. Thanks for a great video of the orb under.

  • Leo

    Would love to Dive and fly there!


  • Monty

    great video! seeing ' 'no hands' reminds me of my childhood admonishment by adults witnessing our riding our bikes 'hands off',  ' look mum, nohands' . (later) " look mum, no teeth"!                '