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0O2, 0O4, 0S5, 0Q5, 14S, 1O3, 3S8, 3W5, 9S3, A39, AVENAL, CALIFORNIA VALLEY, CN12, CYQS, DIXON, FOT, Headquarters, ID85, K1O3, K3O1, K3O8, KAST, KAVX (Catalina Island), KAWO, KBOK, through KBUR, KC80, KCCB, KCMA, KDAG, El Mirage Dry Lake & Flying J Ranch-El Mirage, KFHR, Over LAX midfield & LAX school, KFUL, KGCD, KHAF, KHRI, KINW, KIYK, KIZA, KKIC, KL52, KLGD, KLKV, KLPC, KLSN, KLVK, KMPI, KMRY, through KNTD, KO22, KOKB, KONP, KORS, KOXR, KPGA, KPRB, KRBG, KRBL, KRNM, KSBA, KSBP, KSDM, KSHN, KSMO, KSMX, KSNS, KSZP, KSZT, KTOA, KUAO, KUKI, low pass KVBG, KWHP, KWVI, KZPH, L06, L08, L09, L61, MATANCHEN, Monument Valley, NV74, Dry Lakes, O46, O69, Over KLAXPHHN, PHDH, S16, S51, S89, SALTON Sea x3, Slab City, Stocking Meadows, through KSEA, A few that won't be mentioned (OR/MX/Sltn), Through TRONA GAP, UT25, WA09, Yosemite, 49X, KHII, L62, L17, KFCH, KCVH, CA66, KOAR KSFF 73S 72S S94 KPUW S68 Bill's Ranch S27 KGPI (Glacier) 58S 2MT1 53U 8S1 7S0 52S S09 S34 KTHM S83 KDEW, L88 (New Cuyama "X"d- low pass), KRIR (FlaBob), L35 (Big Bear), KSBD (KTOA <->San Bernadino @ NIGHT ! :)  L45, KBFL, L05, O26, Over Mt Whitney Summit at 17,200', L73, KMIT, L19, L84, KOXR, P20, L54, KFUL (Trike Lecture), KCLR, YYWG YCOR YHAY YIVO YWTO YMIA YBRN YDLQ YTOC YPOK YWGT

~ 166 Airports, Fields, or off road (4 Countries- hopefully more soon :)

If you put all your airports/off airports on SkyVector, you can make a cool map of the places you've been.  These are mine:

      In North American Continent (US, Mex, Canada, Hawaii)

      In AUSTRALIA  (MegaFauna 2014, etc)

      ALL  (get's a little crowded in this view)

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  • White House budget again contains user fee despite opposition

White House budget again contains user fee despite opposition

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User fees for aviation were once again part of the president's new budget proposal, despite continued strong opposition from Congress and the aviation community. On March 4, the White House released its fiscal year 2015 spending plan, which included a $100-per-flight "surcharge" to pay for air traffic control services.



  • Ole

    Is there no indication here of exactly who/what pilots and operations this will affect? Or have I missed that? I mean, it says that the proposal is to generate funds for air traffic control. So does that mean only flights into class A, B, C and D will be charged $100 per landing? Or is it just the airlines who will pay? I mean, it seems unlikely or impossible that a flight instructor shooting touch 'n goes will be charged $100 per.

  • XC Triker

    That's what I was wondering.  $100 per commercial flight of 300 people will work out to 30 cents a piece.  $100 per flight around the pattern for me will work out to Adios flying (at least at any towered airport--  or will the NSA know if I break the surely bonds elsewhere?).   Still, if they are allowed to start with 30 cents per passenger, that's the foot in the door for constant increases-- so I oppose that as well.

  • XC Triker

    "At a meeting of the Wichita Aero Club on Tuesday, in Wichita, Kan., AOPA President and CEO Mark Baker said the most recent proposal to levy a $100-per-flight aviation user fee will fail, but it won't be the last time the industry faces the issue. "I don't know this will ever go away," he said. Baker added that AOPA is working to make aviation more a affordable hobby and additional fees would hurt the industry, not help it"