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XC TrikerAir Creation Tanarg 80hp BioniX 15M

0O2, 0O4, 0S5, 0Q5, 14S, 1O3, 3S8, 3W5, 9S3, A39, AVENAL, CALIFORNIA VALLEY, CN12, CYQS, DIXON, FOT, Headquarters, ID85, K1O3, K3O1, K3O8, KAST, KAVX (Catalina Island), KAWO, KBOK, through KBUR, KC80, KCCB, KCMA, KDAG, El Mirage Dry Lake & Flying J Ranch-El Mirage, KFHR, Over LAX midfield & LAX school, KFUL, KGCD, KHAF, KHRI, KINW, KIYK, KIZA, KKIC, KL52, KLGD, KLKV, KLPC, KLSN, KLVK, KMPI, KMRY, through KNTD, KO22, KOKB, KONP, KORS, KOXR, KPGA, KPRB, KRBG, KRBL, KRNM, KSBA, KSBP, KSDM, KSHN, KSMO, KSMX, KSNS, KSZP, KSZT, KTOA, KUAO, KUKI, low pass KVBG, KWHP, KWVI, KZPH, L06, L08, L09, L61, MATANCHEN, Monument Valley, NV74, Dry Lakes, O46, O69, Over KLAXPHHN, PHDH, S16, S51, S89, SALTON Sea x3, Slab City, Stocking Meadows, through KSEA, A few that won't be mentioned (OR/MX/Sltn), Through TRONA GAP, UT25, WA09, Yosemite, 49X, KHII, L62, L17, KFCH, KCVH, CA66, KOAR KSFF 73S 72S S94 KPUW S68 Bill's Ranch S27 KGPI (Glacier) 58S 2MT1 53U 8S1 7S0 52S S09 S34 KTHM S83 KDEW, L88 (New Cuyama "X"d- low pass), KRIR (FlaBob), L35 (Big Bear), KSBD (KTOA <->San Bernadino @ NIGHT ! :)  L45, KBFL, L05, O26, Over Mt Whitney Summit at 17,200', L73, KMIT, L19, L84, KOXR, P20, L54, KFUL (Trike Lecture), KCLR, YYWG YCOR YHAY YIVO YWTO YMIA YBRN YDLQ YTOC YPOK YWGT

~ 166 Airports, Fields, or off road (4 Countries- hopefully more soon :)

If you put all your airports/off airports on SkyVector, you can make a cool map of the places you've been.  These are mine:

      In North American Continent (US, Mex, Canada, Hawaii)

      In AUSTRALIA  (MegaFauna 2014, etc)

      ALL  (get's a little crowded in this view)

SOLD: iXess 15M wing for Sale-- Great Condition

By XC Triker Comments (5)
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Price 3000

Good looking Blue & Yellow (get's you noticed in the sky) 15 meter Air Creation iXess wing.

736.7 hours.  Always hangared, broken down about once a year at most, never crashed or incident.   All maintenance performed.  All new lower rigging.  All new upper rigging comes with it (~$500)- ready when you are.  excellent condition.  was $4500 US   OBO

Price Slashed for Christmas! $3900 OBO  -> $3300


Click on photo for bigger picture


Contact me here and we can talk.  Delivery may be able to be arranged.

Sail cover available if interested.

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  • XC Triker

    Price slashed to $3300.  Grab it before someone else does.

  • XC Triker

    WING $3000 !!!!   Spring has sprung-- if you're in the market for a WING, now's the time.  Last price drop on this WING.  Any cheaper and it's not worth me selling it, I'll just keep for myself--  so act now before someone else snaps it up or it's off the market.

    I've received several calls asking about my "Tanarg for sale for $3,000 !!!! "  LOL. ; )   On what planet would that deal be ?!  ;)   It's just the wing,  now $3000  (worth  > $4,500 )

    Some of the messages are "Call me immediately, I'm very interested !!!! Here's ten different ways to contact me.  Wow, I really want a Tanarg 912!!!"  ; )

  • RobNAlaska

    Is this wing still available? Rob/ June 4/ 907-230-9425

  • Trike Ops

    I believe is the one on Ken's Tanarg.

  • XC Triker

    Hi  RobNAlaska (@Akfotoman)  man, where were you last month?! ;)  Yes, Pedro is correct, this is the wing that Ken is now flying.  I do a double take each time he posts a photo of it-- "Hey, that's my tri..  oh, no, wait, that's Ken!"   I'll edit the add to show it's SOLD, sorry I forgot to do that.