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  • Huge Drop on New Airborne trike prices, see numbers below

    By Freebird Comments (1)
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    NEW AIRBORNE XT-582 EZY MERLIN • $29,921.38 • NEW SUPER OFFER • Factory New XT-582 EZY / Merlin wing, price includes packing, shipping to your nearest Int AirportNEW AIRBORNE XT-582 OUTBACK/A • $32,474.38 • NEW SUPER OFFER...
  • new privelidges

    By Rebel Comments (3)
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    Just passed ck. ride and got new privelidges for SFIE for ASEL so if anyone needs a ck ride for for flight instructor for airplane I can now conduct that.
  • Airborne Edge experimental

    By Jerry B
    Category: market:category:Trikes
    Type: Selling
    Price: 17,500 OBO
    Cruze wing with trim and less than 200 hours. 582 blue head with 12 hrs. BRS with recent repack. Has a strobe and landing light. Has disc brakes, bar mitts, external antenna, 2 helmets and intercom.  A REAL nice trike. The only reason I'm...
  • CHALLENGER II for sale

    By Rebel
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    • $12,200 • THIS ONE WON'T LAST • '04 Challenger II. 503/DCDI/TTL 102hrs/intercom system visit ultralightdreamcatchers • VISIT MY WEBSITE • Contact Douglas A. Stokes, Owner - located Lake Havasu...
  • Muffler Geo/suzuki 1.3l 8 valve - rectangular hole version

    By Don B
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    Price: $150 and shipping
    I have to sell a slightly used muffler for the geo/ suzuki 1.3l engine. I bought to replace mine but got the wrong one. (I need the round hole version)   in Pennsylvania.