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  • Free VHS tapes

    By Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk
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    Price: you pay the postage
    I have 6 VHS tapes in each box if you still use the VHS player.   I'll be happy to send them as long you pay the postage.  These videotapes are created by Adventure Production (Paul Hamilton).   These are original, not copied....
  • John Fetz []

    By Rebel Comments (1)
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  • WSC Flight Instruction

    By Mike Theeke Comments (3)
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    Price: $115 per hour flight training
    Learn how to fly trikes over the beautiful Tennessee Valley!  Sport pilot training, ground school, check outs, bi-annuals....we do it all.   Located in Jasper , TN at Marion County Airport, just 20 miles west of Chattanooga. $115 per hour...
  • Kawasaki 440lc engine

    By Richardbertrand Comments (1)
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    Price: $2000 usd
    Hello all,   I came across this kawasaki 440lc liquid cooled 60 hp engine. I currently fly a ppg but I planned to make a sweet trike delta wing with it but, a possible job transition I think is going to force me to sacrifice the...
  • WSCL private pilot instruction

    By Rebel Comments (3)
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    Price: $140.00 per hr. for flight tng.
    I am a CFI for WSCL & WSCS private pilot WSCL including night training. DPE SPFIE WSCL & WSCS