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Open Season

By Jozinko

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Comments (6)

At least - flying season is open


  • Rick D

    Glad you are able to get some air Joz. Nice thermal you captured on the video! Hey, does your Tomi have foot throttle also or just hand throttle?

  • Happy Triker

    Still looks a little cold. Good to see you got some flight time. What a nice sod field for the runway !!

  • Jozinko

    Thanks guys. Yes, I have hand throttle only. Its the most used solution in our country, where the most trikes was home made. Newer trikes are producing with foot throttle or how it a client order.

    Yea Henry, there are few days a year only here, when I can to fly and wear Tshirt and shorts... :( This "runway" isnt airfield. This is a grass factory. That nice peolpe allowed us to fly there only. And we are loving them for it :)

  • Dinga

    Hi Jozinko

    Great vid so clear and steady and I love your interaction with the audience. Interested to know the temperature, we get a lot of Dust Devils here mainly in the hotter months and also definitely not so small either.

  • white eagle

    hi joz you slipped this one by me    just saw it awesome to see your big smile     really like your landing strip   tell everyone howdy for me will ya.

  • Jozinko

    Hi Dinga, this one was too big for me :) I neednt see bigger from my trike... I was surprised, because it was in April. In summer months we can see Dust Devils quite often. But all were as small as this one.

    Hi David, yea, I was happy in my trike first time this year. In my fathers trike too. I tested both trikes. I changed all bottom cables - Im satified. Father has a throuble with his wing, it was repaired by manufacturer, then I had a test flight there. It wasnt nice weather for test - a crosswind with strong thermal activities, but I think it flies good. Its a little worst than old leading edge sail, but good.