Ed E.

Secret No Fly Zone ????

This is very important for us all!! This also shows how unsure and scared our government is.


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  • XC Triker

    Ed, thanks!!!  We have a Nuke plant right near us (several of us on this site (like 6)) have flown over it (sometimes in flocks)-- always at least 1000 over and no loitering.

    I forwarded the article to locals-- and we'll forward to Diablo Nuke plant, the police & sheriff just to make sure they're aware of what the rules really are and don't go cowboy!  Also to the local towers and approach controllers so they're aware of what others think is the law but isnt.

  • Ed E.

    Very nice XC Triker

    A little scary and could be very costly if you get into legal fees. Ouch!!!

  • XC Triker

    A bunch of private emails flying back and forth here (all good)--  but apparently, I'm now going to introduce this next week at the FAAST  (FAA Safety Team) meeting that was scheduled next week.  Soooo...  it's all good. Thanks for alerting us.  It's always good to keep yourself informed and vigilant.

    Also, this is again another reason I think the $40 AOPA legal retainer is a GREAT DEAL!!!  If I ever get thrown in jail, call my lawyer at AOPA for me will ya!!!

    Skip ahead to 4:50  (warning NSFW!! Language)


  • Ken

    Wow, Crazy story Ed! I have been in those flocks over El Diablo more than once! Glad I wasn't detained!

  • Ed E.

    Thank you guys. That is what I like about Trikes we help each other as much as possible. I'm the new guy so I don't have much to offer!! Sorry.

  • Ken

    You might have just saved us all a night in jail Ed! Thanks!  XC Triker will have to set the FAAST straight next week.


  • XC Triker

     I goggled the general email box at Diablo and emailed them the following letter.  Feel free to use it as the basis for your own if you live near a sensitive area (Military Research Labs, Dam, etc).


    I'm sure you are aware of this, however I thought I should take the time to pass it along to you just in case.
    This article was recently published by AOPA (Aircraft Owner & Pilots Association).  It details a terrible series of simple miscommunications and misunderstandings that very nearly resulted in an innocent pilot being "Shot Down" for flying legally a safe distance away from a nuclear power plant (H.B. Robinson Nuclear Generating Station).
    Please circulate this to the appropriate persons at Diablo.  We hope you take the time to reopen lines of communication between the local FAA controllers and the local law enforcement.
    You've likely discussed and practiced real terrorist threat scenarios, however it is probably worth the time to discuss again the best way to manage other issues just so that everyone is on the same page.  Like the telephone game, sometimes when the message is passed down the line, the police in this case somehow thought they were authorized to consider "shooting down" a sailplane themselves.  This article provides a great example of a well intended response gone wrong and as legitimate a practice scenario as a real terrorist threat.
    Thank you,
    Concerned pilot

    San Luis Obispo Tower (805) xyz
    Santa Barbara Approach (805) xyz
    Santa Maria Tower  (805) xyz
    SLO County Sherif (805) xyz
    San Luis Obispo Police Department (805) xyz


  • XC Triker

    Some follow-up on the "Secret No-Fly zone":

    Response, lessons learned from sheriff in glider arrest 


    Firestorm over the arrest of 70 year old glider pilot for "violating" non-existent "no-fly" zone:


                        (Link thanks to Janet on her page)

    Keep this circulating in the public eye until law enforcement gets the message.

  • XC Triker

    This is Important to us Pilots!!!   No legal authority for aircraft stops
    Federal agents have been stopping and searching general aviation aircraft around the country without satisfactory explanation, or apparent legal authority to do so. AOPA offers updated advice amid an ongoing effort to protect your rights.

    Also this week, a scenic Cirrus voyage to Alaska, and advice on choosing an aviation medical examiner.

    AOPA Live This Week,



    Key Words:  Illegal search and seizure, illegal stop, illegal detention, 4th amendment rights

  • XC Triker

    A questionable rationale

    CBP: Ramp check regulation basis for criminal searches

    U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) says a little-used administrative regulation gives it the authority the stop general aviation pilots and search their aircraft, even on flights that never leave the United States. But AOPA is demanding the agency put a stop to the indiscriminate stops of general aviation aircraft. Of further concern are stops that result in pilot or aircraft searches without probable cause or reasonable suspicion.

    More HERE