Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition

Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition

Best Video & Photo of 2014 Competition Submission

"Make 2 Circuits"

"Make 2 Circuits" were the last words I remember hearing from my instructor this morning!
Minutes later - I was airborne - alone for the first time.
And just maybe I am the first person to go solo in the world for 2013!


  • TrikeBoyWonder

    Congratulations CrayonBox...well done!  Now you are really going to start learning how to fly that bird.  Welcome to triking............ :-)

    All The Best,


  • Ken

    Ahhh, looks like those landings are just right! For a minute I thought that back taxi was your takeoff roll. I thought you would never leave the ground!

  • XC Triker

    Congratulations CrayonBox!!!  It's only a first time once!!!  Looked fun, good music choice.

  • GeoBlaze

    Great Job CranyonBox... Congratulations !!!  Hope you enjoy your new flying freedom and have a great time as you continue to develop and refine your aviation skills. 

  • YFT

    Well done... and you got it on film. I like the bit about the Fox...

  • crayonbox

    Thanks everyone.

    Not a virgin anymore lol

    Had to get it on film of course, and the music is one of my forever favorites.

    I thought the back-track would catch someone out haha.

  • AndyD

    Congratulations Crayonbox.... Fantastic first solo.. You made it look so easy... Feels a different beast when you're solo.. The power and torque of the 912 engine is surprising !! 

  • Jagsy

    Well done mate, I bet the hand shake at the ned meant quite a lot.  I had to check through the previous comments as I thought you said there was a croc on the runway... now that would have been interesting :)

    Looking forward to meeting you when I get over to HB

  • crayonbox

    Yeah Mark had a grin too - that I haven't seen before.