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  • Seriously.. any flying is fun

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    No trike at the moment.. blah! So had to get a fix in a chopper..! A FUN-tastic weekend exploring Ormiston Gorge, Glen Helen Gorge and Redbank Gorge west of Alice Springs. We take a chopper flight over the spectacular landscape, go swimming, bush...
  • True Glory III 2014 - Episode One

    What's the Secret.? Episode One... True Glory III.. .. Harry Potter, Toy Story, Batman.. or How to Tame a Dragon sequal, lookout - we fly.. Tanargs..! So many awesome photos & videos of a magic adventure.. to import,...
  • Pixel XC

    By wefly

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    Take a ride in the Air Creation Pixel XC.. a smart little trike with a heart of simple fun..!
  • iFun Pixel Flying Video

    By wefly

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    A snippet of the Pixel XC iFun doing the flying thing..!
  • Merry Christmas All Trikers 2013

    Merry Christmas All Trikers .. A simple jesture to wish you all the very best for the festive season. May all trikers and families enjoy safe, memorable and smooth flights into 2014... Satis-Fly... your Passion.!
  • Snow Flying

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    Snow flying in the French Alps with Frank Toussaint.
  • True Glory Two 2013

    A Quiet Achievement for Air Creation Australia.
  • Walking on a Dream

    By wefly

    Categories: Manufacturers / Sales / Industry Pros

    Walking on a Dream - 2013
  • INSANE by Henry

    You gotta see this.. a masterpiece by Henry... totally INSANE.!
  • Learning to Fly

    A dedication video to flying delta tow kites on Lake MacQuarie in the 1970's. Thirteen minutes of real life flying behind the family ski boats at Rathmines in NSW, Australia. The Brandons, Duncans, Moyes and a few other pioneers to the sport of...