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  • Training Resources

    Training Resources

    A group for discussing and sharing training resources and the learning process toward Solo/Licensure

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  • Learning to Land - consistently!?

     I am looking for your assistance so PLEASE chime in if you have words of encouragement and wisdom. Today I left the field deflated and frustrated. I didn't solo. The weather was just right - but I wasn't. Now don't get me wrong - even though a lot of the disappointment ...

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  • Henrich continued his training

    Our season has been started.

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  • I am very close to Solo....

    Hi Everyone.  I wish to introduce myself.  My name is Stewart. I am in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.  I have been learning to fly since July and bought a used XT912 in September. It's yellow base with blue/white cruze wing. If you wish to follow my training blog, please refe...

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  • Time is Flight Training’s Critical Cost

    Time is Flight Training’s Critical Cost By Scott Spangler on January 7th, 2013 In discussing a wide range of subjects starting with flight training, much has been said about the dilatory and disaffecting consequences of aviation’s financial requireme...

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  • First trike flight for airplane pilot

    trike flight for airline ATP pilot in a trike

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  • Wish me luck everyone...

    Tomorrow I am having my check flight and final exam - and all going well I shall be a certifiable... ahh I mean Certified Pilot. Today I almost completed 5 hours of my required solo time.  It's been a blast, and I am becoming one with the machine!  Just try and get me out of ...

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  • PIC First Solo Certified

    As of 19th January 2013 I am a certified microlight pilot. This is my first flight with this status - the day after my instructor signed off on my certification. I made a round trip of approximately 50NM.

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  • Passenger Endorsement... CHECK!

    Today I sent a message to that instructor bloke that sits in the back seat, asking where to find the required information to complete my workbook to accomplish passenger endorsement. He rang me back... We went through the questions that I had already answered, all common sense really, ...

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  • Hang Gliding from a Triker's Perspective-- Going Back is Going Forward

    The mission to Wallaby Ranch was three-fold: 1) Check out a used low hour trike a friend at the ranch told me about that might be available at a great price (it was such a potential deal, and Ken was so excited to make sure he got it that we had to keep it secret until it was done) 2) ...

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