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  • my first flight test in my sky cycle soaring trike and falcon 3 tandem wing

    well scince it was first flight and had been shipped and I am the one who put wings back together I wanted to check pitch and roll authority so it looks squirrely . my next takeoff I did much better and flew for 1.5 hours on I gallon of gas nice machine a litte different than my hang glider and...

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  • Some low level flying in a North Wing ATF and practicing a couple engine off landings

    A few weeks back Ken reposted a thread I started on "Dead Stick Monday". Was sorting through some of my old video and I found some examples (from a different video perspective) of doing a few engine off landings in my NW ATF soaring trike. I am just learning about the video editing process whic...

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  • T-Lite soaring trike

    T-Lite soaring trike

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  • Electric version of the ATOS trike called the EGO

    I really like this video. Highlights the electric motor version (HPD 10 rated at 10 Kw => 13.5 hp). Very aerodynamically clean trike. Great battery life when shutting down the motor to soar. The ATOS VR has one of the best glide ratios of all rigid wings that could be flown on a light trik...

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  • Es-trike closer look

    This one is for you white eagle. Taking about wetting our pants? We will need adult diapers. This trike is just pure awesomeness!!!! I am also very please to know that they are thinking about the physically challenge pilots, kudos to them.

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