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  • Airborne Cracking Problem Identified.

    Joe Swift  I just picked up this post from another trike site concerning a problem with a component that have been identified as having a cracking problem and I thought it important enough to pass it along to our members here who fly Airborne trikes with out delay. This post read...

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  • Weather on the Go-- Does it promote Risk Taking?

    I think so to some extent.   By Stephen Pope / Published: Jan 07, 2013 Flying  (     It's hard to overstate the benefits of having access to a wealth of weather-related informati...

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  • Another stolen trike - Keep your eyes peeled and help a guy out

    I saw this on another trike site. Thought perhaps it would help to re-post it here Hello everyone: On November the 29th a Trike and two wings were stolen from my hangar.The thieves knew exactly what they wanted and were very specific in what they stole.They obviously had been in my hanga...

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  • How is your safety Equipment Mounted? Potential ELT / Antenna Problem

    I just got this FAA Safety notice by email.  Basically they wanted pilots/mechanics aware that some ELTs are breaking free of their antenna connection on impact--> useless for emergency notification.  Many of you don't use ELTs, but some trikers do.  But it got me thinkin...

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  • Trike Tech Spec & Info Talk

    Discuss trike specifications and all technical information regarding various trikes, such as engine type, performance, oils, fuels, climb rates, propellers etc

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  • Trike Book

    Hi flyers,   Sorry I missed getting a note on here about the discounted price for my book, "Trikes-The Flexwing Flyers" for the July 4th special sale.  Therefore, for those that missed it you can still get a copy of the 256 page book that is The Trike Flying Bible i...

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  • Rotax announces REVISED Service Instructions: 912-016, 914, 912i. Suitable Operating Fluids/Oil/Fuel

      Rotax announces REVISED Service Instruction:  SI-912-016 Revision 6  SI-914-018 Revision 6  SI-912i-001 Revision 1 From Rotax email 9/23/13:   Rotax has announced a revision to its Service Instruction covering the proper "Select...

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  • Free Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator- Go / No Go Decision Helper App- Includes Live weather & your experience

    Download the Air Safety Institute’s Mobile Flight Risk Evaluator to clarify the gray areas of making a go/no-go decision. By taking into account your total flying experience, including recent flight hours, how much experience in a given aircraft, weather, terrain, and runway information,...

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