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  • Look closely!

    I found this frayed cable while inspecting my wing.... after it was used as a demo trike for the 16hr repairman class. This cable is the rear kingpost cable for an iXess15, and this fray was on the bottom side of the securing clamp. Impossible to see unless you take it all apart. We all missed it...

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  • SOLD: iXess 15M wing for Sale-- Great Condition

    Good looking Blue & Yellow (get's you noticed in the sky) 15 meter Air Creation iXess wing. 736.7 hours.  Always hangared, broken down about once a year at most, never crashed or incident.   All maintenance performed.  All new lower rigging.  All new upper ...

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  • Differences in Placarded Speeds / Stats between iXess 15M and Bionix 15M (almost all numbers reflect significant improvements)

    I always make a dash Placard for cardinal speeds and capacities for my trikes.  Recently I changed wings on my  Tanarg 80 HP 912 from an iXess 15M  to a BioniX 15M.  I made new dash placards and am trying to memorize the new numbers.  Almost all are improvements. ...

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  • Pair of Training Bars / "D-Bars" for AirCreation iXess or BioniX

    Good condition Training Bars or "D-Bars" for Air Creation iXess or BioniX  (may fit other wings as well, I don't know). $175 + shipping (or if I fly to your area, deliver is free)

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