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  • Richardbertrand

    Airports landed: Flying sites for powered paragliding

  • Tussock

    Website: me: ...hang gliding in the late seventies and hasn't quite managed to quit the weight-shift habit. Home for me is Christchurch, New Zealand, and when not flying or working (electrical engine...

  • Dragan

    Interests: Flying trike

  • kckace

    Trike Flown: looking to take flying lessons.

  • flyhighglider

    Brief description: Work to go flyingAbout me: ...wn and fly a topless Moyes Litespeed 4.5. Hours flown 1600 in Australia, California, Oregon, Nevada. HG slowing down, trike flying ramping up. Started Trike flying 1996. Currently flying a Airb...

  • Mike Theeke

    Skills: Flying!Interests: Flying!

  • Eric Pichot

    Interests: FlyingAbout me: 10 hours flying in a Quicksilver MX, 25 hours in a Cessna 172, Years later, taking up Triking and have logged about 50 hours so far.  

  • Jay

    Interests: FlyingAbout me: 30 year Private Pilot, instrument, SEL,  25 year Veterinarian in Las Vegas, Nevada.   Trike is absolutely the most fun flying every.   All back country flying

  • Dinga

    Interests: FlyingAbout me: Long time low hour GA PPL flying mostly Piper Warriors, Archers & Arrows along with a Tommahawk. Gave...ost justification and recently was looking for a more affordable form of flying which led me to Trikes that t...

  • Carol

    Interests: Work and Flying