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  • the Tag Cloud and Tags (graffiti)

    Another cool tool is the "Tag Cloud"   Whenever you post a new page, photo or video, there is a box below  the Text box for entering "Tags."  Enter in that box whatever word would be a key word to search for  if someone wanted to find your topic....

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  • 1 Getting Started at

    Any Problems / Can't Figure it out / Can't Log In?          Spaces are not allowed in user names.  ie "JohnDoe" is OK,     but  "John  Doe"  is not   Still having probl...


  • Site Moderator / Moderation (Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down & Reported Content)

    This site is "Self Moderated:" We all know of potentially great sites where all the "normal" Trike Pilots left as the wolves fought it out.  Eventually, virtually the only members left posting were just the "wolves." We all want a site that is friendl...

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  • People missing out on serious discussion here-- are you on this list?

    The AllTrikes website has the ability to manage what can be seen at various levels.  We had as a tip, at the top of the site for several weeks the fact that if you are not logged in, you may be missing out on a big part of the conversation. Some "Events" for example are rest...

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  • A3: Wanna know What Topics are Worth Reading at All-Trikes? Simple, pay the happiness forward and Thumbs Up what YOU like.

    "Thumbs Up" are FREE!  They don't cost nothin' and they make the person  who provided content for you happy! "Thumbs Up"  is synonymous with "Like" So, if you like what you just read / saw, give it a "Thumbs Up!" &n...

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  • Getting Started at

    Getting Started at   click here

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