2019 Joseph OR fly-in ....

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Well the 2019 NW Trike Fly-in is behind us.  Things went very smoothly (except for our La Grande folks)  and the week was exceptional.  Great company and decent flying!  Actually, I enjoyed the cooler weather and the cloud flying it brought.  Most of you had the opportunity to get into the mountains of Eagle Cap and into the basin of Hell’s Canyon.  Way to go!   Thanks to all who relocated to La Grande and then made it back to Joseph by mid week. I’m grateful you made the effort to join us after all that confusion.
And as usual, we had many accomplishments during the week.  For instance, Darrell soloed …. again.  I hope that won’t become an annual event.     Rita is our potato salad champion for 2019 and watch out everyone, I taught her how to make an honest Caesar.  Also thanks to all who provided the spontaneous emergency BBQ services.   Joe H made the remarkable journey once more from Delaware - he’s making it look easy now.  Dean and Jane tried coming out without their fancy camper. They found out just how hard roughing it really is.  Larry Gates figured out how to put his wing together (Kudos to Larry - now can you teach Darrell and we’ll video it) .  David G was in inspiration to us all by 1) camping in the Cemetery and putting up with all the ghost and poltergeist activity and 2) converting the rundown FBO into his own private Spa.  Now there’s a guy who can make anything feel like home.    Jeff Peavy finally joined us for our fly-in.  We look forward to flying with him again.   Georges Brakes and radio almost made it through the entire week with no problems.     Dale figured out how to fly with only 14 layers of clothes (instead of 15 layers) shedding all that extra weight.   Chris Wills got by the whole 1/2 week with out the use of his Porsche to get around.  Talk about Cold Turkey!!    We all know that took sacrifice Chris.   Walt Baydo’s  trike nearly survived the event (except for the flat tire).    AND, Colin Fittler is so pumped about getting back to flying in Australia that he promised he’d send a vid buzzing Kangaroos - and maybe get in a fight with one (click here).  And a big thanks to Leo F and Henry for their strong effort NOT to bring a CHOP CHOP to the event (although next year I think they may succumb as their infliction seems very serious).  
We raised enough $ to support Michael and Wup for their hangars and donated a tidy amount to the airport for putting up with us for a whole week.   A big thanks goes out to Wup for helping me with all the logistics of planning.   He was an exceptional host.   
At the end of the day - we did very well having yet another fly-in in a neat area.  And yes - I have received many suggestions for next year and will announce the 2020 decision around the January time frame after I start making calls.   
Put this one in the history books.  All we have to wait for now .... are the videos!


  • Jozinko

    Beautiful video Tom! A lot of snow is there in summer time. 

  • Ttabs

    Jozinko - you were missed by all.  hope the flying is going well … and didn’t I read somewhere that your getting a new wing?

  • Jozinko

    Thanks Tom. I hope somewhere in future I will attend the NWTF-in again :) You are right, the new StingRay wing is here in Slovakia yet and its waiting for its time. I have an active student now and I want finish his training with the old wing because he knows it well. For the other side, we (my colleague from our trike flying school and me) bought used trike in a goood condition. We will use it as a training trike. Wing Quasar CZ15,4, trike Cross 5 Sport (the same type as mine is), R912 80HP.