YFTP&M, Airborne, Apolo, Aircreation and REVO. Most models of all.

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ISO Speed80
Focal Length4mm
Captured2014:02:28 17:06:55

The Formation Team


Categories: Training / Learning to Fly a Trike

The Formation Team


  • YFT

    The team Crayonbox, Hedegview, Madmike, and YFT. Looking good in echelon. Thanks guys for calling in and I am sorry that I was not well enough to fly.

  • XC Triker

    Great photo!!  So that's what they look like !!   (Scary !!  --  just kidding).  Hey, good to see all of you.  It's good to see YFT with a smile on his face and itching to fly !  I know you'll do fine.

  • Jozinko

    Hi flying team, its nice to see you :)  Im looking forward to meeting you face to face in a month and a few days...

  • RizzyWizzy

    Bollywood synchronized dance? :D

  • crayonbox

    Taa Daaa!

  • madmik

    YFT...We're always looking forward to our next flight... completely understandable (or 3rd party incompetence).

    Rizzy... there's a reason why there's only a photo posted... the video's just not suitable for public consumption - this is a trike forum and some may have not long eaten...lol

    XC... yes, faces to the Motley Crew... thought most were familiar with how YFT & Hedgeview looked. The other two are blow-ins (of non-Tanarg denomination)...

    Joz... the beer's cold and waiting for your arrival :-)

  • white eagle

    Kind of a mix of larry moe and curly with monty python?

  • bee52

    Apres formation - the kind you can do after a lemonade.....  Nice Legs K!