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  • Jagsy Flies Tanarg Bionix 13

    Jagsy Flies Tanarg Bionix 13

    After flying in all types of weather in the XT-912 Arrows, this afternoon Jagsy took to the sky for an hour and a half in the Tanarg Bionix 13. After doing a few circuits, we then proceeded south and Jagsy conducted two simulated engine failures...
  • A trip to North Queensland Australia.

    A trip to North Queensland Australia.

    By YFT Comments (6)

    Categories: Cross Country / XC

    This was a flying trip that we did with three Trikes. We flew 1824.4nm and it took 37 hours to complete. The three pilots and one crew member had a fantastic time and we saw parts of Australia that could only be seen by fly a Trike.
  • Antenna


    By XC Triker
  • Tanarg Pitot cover

    Tanarg Pitot cover

    By YFT

    Categories: Tech, Equipment, Safety

    To make the Pitot cover for the Tanarg you will need a Wick-Tector from a jet. Ok, I know you are how wondering what the hell is a Wick-Tector? If you look at the traling edge of a Jets wing you will see a number of what looks like a bits of string...
  • Exhaust covers for Tanarg

    Exhaust covers for Tanarg

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    Categories: Tech, Equipment, Safety

    The exhaust cover for the Tanarg was easy to make. All you need is one Remove Before Flight banner available at any pilot shop. (we stock heaps of them $15.00 AU) You will need two Rubber leg tips 32mm, then make a small hole in the top and place...


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    Categories: Low & Slow Trikes, Humor

    Steve was going to show off his new STOL trike in the Showcase, but I didn't see him land!
  • Art on a Chart

    Art on a Chart

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    Categories: Cross Country / XC, Photography

    One of the local pilots, Glenda, has taken up the idea of using old ERC charts (others know them as sector charts) as a base for creating artistic images relating to the chart. ERC Low #1 – Hay Plain in flood   Mixed media on...
  • Australia Day BBQ 2013

    Australia Day BBQ 2013

    Our Australia Day BBQ went off well. About 40 people turned up for a great social gathering. Now the planning starts for OZ Day 2014.
  • EVA Airlines or Not...

    EVA Airlines or Not...

    The image was found on The Lowy Interpreter together with some interesting foreign affairs stories that have yet to make it into the general media. Apparently the distance between the fence and the edge of the runway, which is lower than the...
  • Wombat


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    Categories: Photography

    Ahoj Jozinko, This is what a Wombat looks like.