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Video Quality:  Quick note:  If you find a video in the Acitivity River (the stream of member activity on the Activity page) and click on the video itself, it will remain 2" size.  Be sure to click on the link to the video itself to see the video in normal size.  If you still want it bigger use the normal "full screen" control box that youtube and other video sites provide on their playback screen.  You can also use their tools to adjust the video quality.  These tools are typically located at the bottom Right of their playback screens).

Here's a screenshot of a video showing up in the Activity River:

Click here for the video screen

Click on the video link itself (in this case the words "Airing it Out") to get to the normal size video operations.

Don't click on the video itself (the thumnail shot) or it may stay small size and not play correctly.


iPad video:  When youtube member upload to YouTube, they have a choice of settings for playback.  aparently, when Tom uploaded this video, he did not check the YouTube setting to "allow video playback on an iPad."  for this reason, Tom's video was not playing on an iPad (though others on AllTrikes were).  We've notified Tom.  ; )


More to come on videos ........




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