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  • Looking for a Trike Instructor in Phoenix Az

    Started by MSA Replies (1) Last reply by Ken
    I will be in Sun City in February and want to take a discovery flight. Does anyone know of anyone in this area? Mark  
  • Senate legislation would expand medical exemption-- up to 6,000lbs & 6 seats !!!

    Started by XC Triker Replies (1) Last reply by XC Triker
    New Senate legislation would exempt pilots who make noncommercial VFR flights in aircraft weighing up to 6,000 pounds with no more than six seats from the third-class medical certification process. With legislation to expand the FAA's third...
  • XC and Understanding the NOTAM

    Started by crayonbox
    I recently had the need to decode the following NOTAM, but information on how to do this is not easy to find.  If anyone can help as to where this information can be found please post here. The part of the NOTAM that is difficult is the...
  • Passenger Endorsement... CHECK!

    Started by crayonbox
    Today I sent a message to that instructor bloke that sits in the back seat, asking where to find the required information to complete my workbook to accomplish passenger endorsement. He rang me back... We went through the questions that I...
  • Tips and tricks for Landings

    Started by Dan H
    As a low time pilot, I'd certainly learn from some tips and tricks on landings from you seasoned pros. How about some responses with your stories or tips? For example, I've learned that the flare is significantly less on an...
  • What is the best way to get out of IFR conditions when trapped as a VFR pilot?

    Started by XC Triker
    Another tip I received today, seemed very topical to us: Q: What is the best way to get out of IFR conditions when trapped as a VFR pilot?  Bob Nardiello provides the answer...
  • My terrifying Trike flight story

    Started by RizzyWizzy
    Hi everyone, I would like to share a terrifying trike story. This happened back in 2009, this was the day before my solo.I think I will start with the moral of my story which is "If an instructor forces you to fly in conditions outside your comfort...
  • Learning to Fly after age 60-- probably something we all can learn here. EAA article

    Started by XC Triker
    let's see if this link works.  Click HERE    (Actual link    http://www.sportaviationonline.org/sportaviation/201212#pg68    )   This link is to an EAA online magazine, not sure if only EAA members can see...