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Most Beautiful Valley - Montana/Idaho Trike Cross Country Flight

By Happy Triker

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George, Tom and I flew through the valley located at the west of Cabinet Mountains. It is one of the most beautiful valley with meadows, lakes and rivers with crystal clean water. We took off Troy Airport in Montana and landed at Sandpoint Airport in Idaho. The flight duration was about 70 minutes.


  • Rick D

    Beautiful and serene, perfect choice of music. Well done Henry!

  • white eagle

    very nice henry i am with rick i really liked the music. wish it looked like that right now we here in western montana  we got painted with about 2 inches of ice.

  • ULtrikepilot

    Yet another great one Henry.

  • Ken

    Beautiful Henry! Say I noticed that this might be the only Henry Trike Life movie with cuts from only two cameras. Were the other ones down? or were you going for that effect?


  • Jozinko

    Next great video Henry. 

  • Happy Triker

    Ken, I had 2 cameras hit by bugs and one didn't start somehow, another one all power drained.