About Trike First Flights and First Solos

About Trike First Flights and First Solos

First flight in a trike for everyone. Your first flight and others you know about incliding solo

Not the first but the last in the monsoon

It is always a memorable event doing high attitude stall avoidence in a trike. At such a high attitude you must avoid the actual stall by pulling in on the bar before stall speed. Going from a high attitude to a dive recovery at 0.2 G's (almost weight less), to the 3 G's on the pullout/recovery really excites people. It must be noted this is performed by a professional pilot and not recommended to be performed without training of a certified flight instructor familiar this extreme maneuver. If not performed properly, the trike can tuck and tumble which is very bad and may result in death.


  • Jozinko

    Yes T-CFI, it can by very dangerous maneuvre, but I like it. Especially if a woman I have on board. One of my girl passenger had been heard bellow 300m under on airport. Im doing as a little faster transition as this video, then negative force give us out of seats. And usually next I put it in very agresive left spiral (I dont know why, but I likely turning left than right side). A girls are screaming a long time :) But one girl - you can to see her on my video "─Żubica" -  was liked it and she wanted it again and again... And she loved low flight... In river bed or between trees... She havent her survival instinct :)