MaartenNorthwing Navajo with 582 - N 127WP. Air Creation Tanarg (912) - N8102R.


Salton Sea

By Maarten

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Flying from Thermal airport, CA, near Palm Springs. Landing with some cross wind, but all was good : )


  • Ken

    Getting some interesting sound out of the 582 right there at the beginning! Wow Marten you really get around, looks like a fun place to fly. Haven't seen a runway configuration quite like that one. Did you ever make it out to Santa Paula?

  • Maarten

    Hmmm. interesting comment about the sound. I didn't hear it until you just pointed it out. I think it may have just been the camera picking up some weird vibration. I certainly didn't hear it at the moment. Anyway, I'll pay close attention next time, or perhaps next time we fly from Boulder I may have you listen to it... 

    The airport was a bit intimidating at first, but the folks at the FBO were very helpful with tips and guidance. When I landed, a corporate jet was actually kindly waiting for me to pass before taking off on the crossing run way. That's the way it should be, right : )

  • Maarten

    Santa Paula is next on my list. Can't wait for that opportunity. 


  • YFT

    Hi Maarten, Is your camera a Go-Pro? If it is the sound you are hearing is the external noise on the camera case. We get from our Go-Pro when flying and also when we have it on the car.

  • Maarten

    Yes it is GoPro. Good to know. I got worried for a moment, but think you're right. I've heard it in other videos as well. Thanks.