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Temple Bar cruise

By Larry Kaiser Comments (3)

Airborne Outback over Lake Mead, at Temple Bar.


  • Larry Kaiser

    I forgot to mention, if you are gonna fly over water PLEASE wear a life jacket! Hang gliders and paragliders that have landed in the ocean or surf have a slim chance of survival unless there is a boat nearby to fish them out of the water. All the cables and wires and seat belts etc can get you caught and drag you right to the bottom. On a happier note, they are very cheap on Amazon $70-$200 for a high tech, CO2 powered vest. They are VERY thin and wear like a shirt, but pull the handle and a small CO2 canister inflates it for you right now. Better to lose your trike than your life if you have to ditch.

  • Jozinko

    Great video Larry. There is very wild landscape. Maybe the only chance would be landng in the water there. If somethinng.... 

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