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  • Another stolen trike - Keep your eyes peeled and help a guy out

    I saw this on another trike site. Thought perhaps it would help to re-post it here Hello everyone: On November the 29th a Trike and two wings were stolen from my hangar.The thieves knew exactly what they wanted and were very specific in what they stole.They obviously had been in my hanga...

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  • Differences in Placarded Speeds / Stats between iXess 15M and Bionix 15M (almost all numbers reflect significant improvements)

    I always make a dash Placard for cardinal speeds and capacities for my trikes.  Recently I changed wings on my  Tanarg 80 HP 912 from an iXess 15M  to a BioniX 15M.  I made new dash placards and am trying to memorize the new numbers.  Almost all are improvements. ...

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  • Manta Wing Questions

    To you trike pilots that have Gibbo wings who can tell me a little bit about the Manta H 15 RST wing and its flight characteristics?  I have just ordered this wing for use on my Antares MA-33 with a Rotax 582 engine with the intention of flying cross country airport to airport and in ...

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  • Ducks Quack me up !!!

    Birds are amazing creatures in so many ways.  I saw part of this DUCKumentary the other night as I was falling asleep and thought I'd share a link to it.  Fascinating video shots of ducks doing what ducks do best... we can only look on in amazement and envy as these wonderful lit...

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  • Mentone 2014

    Mentone 2014…I’ve been encouraging trike guys to join in the flying with all the PPCs, FWs, Helis, and Gyros.  It’s the week after Oshkosh in Indiana.  Lots of fun.  This year they are planning a Pylon Race.  I find this intriguing and would be very inter...

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  • Intermediate Syndrome

    We have had a spike in relatively new pilots getting into trouble this year.  You learn a lot in the first year or two of flying, and a lot of what you learn is not in the books.  Here is a list of topics that I had to learn on my own, or got help from other pilots, many of them GA pilo...

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  • [Bird] Wings of Paradise 1 & 2

    Beautiful bird nature documentaries

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