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  • Which video here do you like best (respond by 11/26) (test of the video contest polling system)

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  • Hang Gliding: Sex is no Accident

    Hang Gliding: Sex is no Accident

    Tags: humor, hang gliding, video

  • a vintage

    We flew to vintage to Znojmo - Czech Republic. I phoned to my friend who was on Holíč airport. He told me two trikes are waiting me - hurry up, the sunset will be soon. I had a opposite wind with a thermic (it was 5,30p.m. but temp was 28°C). During the flight I called by radio to my friends. But...

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  • Check 1 - 2

    Finishing the final touches on wiring up his cameras

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  • ...ultralightly

    Czech Microlight Team pomo video

    Tags: trike flying, video, czech microlight team

  • Hervey Bay 5000

    Just a short video on a clear day from 5000ft - beautiful. This is why we fly!

    Tags: hervey, bay, aerial, video, queensland, australia

  • Pilatus PC-6 Bush Flying - Timika, Papua

    The first of what I hope will be a few movies flying in the mountains of West Papua, Indonesia. Filmed over a couple of months, this movie shows landings and take-offs from some of the remote villages surrounding the town of Timika. Shot entirely with a single GoPro HD camera attached to the migh...

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  • Its me

    This video is from my client

    Tags: trike flying, video, Jozinko, Vankoviy, Myjava, MZK

  • Vankovia

    This trike - its me :)

    Tags: trike flying, video, Jozinko, Vankoviy, Myjava, MZK

  • Fooling with video editing software

    Hello Folks, My buddy's daughter did a XC in the family trike last week, and made a (private) video of the experience. It inspired me to try my hand. We have been having some nice weather here in the Great Lakes, and part of my family is out of town - leaving me with a bit more time on...

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