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a vintage

By Jozinko

Categories: Cross Country / XC, Video

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We flew to vintage to Znojmo - Czech Republic. I phoned to my friend who was on Holíč airport. He told me two trikes are waiting me - hurry up, the sunset will be soon. I had a opposite wind with a thermic (it was 5,30p.m. but temp was 28°C). During the flight I called by radio to my friends. But those who have been waiting me not heard me. Called me other pilot instead. I told him Holíč is meeting point and next we will fly to Znojmo to vintage meeting. Give me 5 minutes.... after 4 min he called me: OK, can you waiting us in Holíč? we allredy flying... Yes, no problem. 4 trikes arrived from Partizánske. After took off next pilot called us: Hello guys, where are you flying? We are flying to Znojmo to drink. Ohh Im going too! Then 8 trikes flew to Znojmo. Great veekend was. On Sturday we are not flying - we drank hectoliters of wine :)


  • XC Triker

    Ha ha:  "On Saturday we are not flying - we drank hectoliters of wine :)"

    121 Nautical Miles !  See Jozinko's flight map HERE

    Nice looking trike / gauges.  You built it right?

    Beautiful grass fields.  Nice!!!  Here on in the Western US, it's either paved airport or DIRT with some rocks :(

    Our East coast has all the grass fields.

  • Jozinko

    ha ha: we drank from Friday evening... :) then we were glad on Saturday was strong gusty wind and we cant to fly.... then we spoken and drank and eaten... as between good friends. There was 21 trikes.

    my friend who is AirCreation dealer in Czech Republic ofered me to try his Tanarg 912 with Bionix on Sunday morning. But I was not sure on my feet :) then I refused it. Next time maybe... :)

    All trikes from my video are made in a factories. The most of them are TOMI Cross 5 as I have or TOMI Dolphin 3 type. They are vrey used because are quite cheaper, but very solid and quite comfortabe.