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  • RauckOn

    Brief description: Electric Aircraft Trikes and Components, Hang Gliding and Trike Sales and Lessons

  • RizzyWizzy

    Skills: trike flying

  • Admin

    Website: www.AllTrikes.comInterests: TrikesInterests: trikesInterests: trike pilotsInterests: trikesInterests: and trikesBrief description: I can help you with issues regarding "" ;) Use the feedback button on the left side of your screen to ask for help make suggestions, etc!About me: I can help you with issues regarding ""  ;) Use the feedback button...We're so happy that everybody is enjoying and it is growing so in store for you to.  This site was made by trike pilots for trike pilots (thou...

  • XC Triker

    Airports landed: ...(KTOA <->San Bernadino @ NIGHT ! :)  L45, KBFL, L05, O26, Over Mt Whitney Summit at 17,200', L73, KMIT, L19, L84, KOXR, P20, L54, KFUL (Trike Lecture), KCLR, YYWG YCOR YHA...

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Trike Flown: Maverick trike with Maverick wing 15m. 2004 NW Apache, 2006 Antares MA-32, Skycycle foldable with 25hp Zenoah.About me: 15 years of hanggliding and 8 years of paragliding.  Now triker.   Maverick trike with NW Maverick wing 15 

  • Leo Fitzgerald

    About me: I'm a full time CFI near Las Vegas NV. Visit my website to find out more about learning to fly trikes.

  • Rebel

    Trike Flown: northwing navajo SLSA and just about every trike made

  • Kael Rowan

    Brief description: I'm a new trike pilot training on my 912ULS Revo.

  • Jim Waters

    About me: Been Flying trikes and only trikes for 13 years, started when I was 63 and will be 76 this May, 2015 Have almost 1800 hours as of Jan 2015. Avg. abnut 160 hrs/yr I have 3 trikes;  2 ea. AC Clipper 912 and an Apex Cross-5 HKS Have 3 wings  1 ea. ixess-13, 2 ea. iXess-15.Airports landed: ...State Fly-In in Casa Grande, AZ, 3years ago. Here is a list and map of all the places I have flown into as of 2013. All of it has been xc in my trikes except for Florida, Washingt...