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  • Concentration

    Tags: Jozinko, training

  • Henrich's first navigation

    Henrich prepared the navigation and did it perfectly

    Tags: Jozinko, Trike Flying, training, navigation, XC flight

  • Walking the clouds

    Heňo had his first navigation flight. We flew quite low but still were walking on the clouds.

    Tags: Jozinko, XC flight, navigation, training, clouds

  • Training

    the situation: you are standing on the ground and you are watching at the trike in the sky what is going to land. Usually you can see the bottom side of trike. My question is: what is a chance to see upper side of wing? see at 2:30 It was the stall what I mentioned some days before...

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  • A little advanced

    Heňo has about 8 hrs of his training, then we started a little advanced flying.

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  • Henrich's first solo

    He did a great work in the evening, then I let him to go to the first solo.

    Tags: Jozinko, Trike Pilot, training, first, solo

  • Looking back at Heňo's training

    Crosswind and turbulence. Heňo is no longer a student of Rogallo Team. Today he successfully passed the final examination and he became the trike PILOT. 

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  • A new student

    Martin is a HG pilot and he wants to be a PHG pilot.

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  • Martin

    Martin had flown only 1h and 40 min before this flight. But.... he is a hang glider pilot :)

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  • Martin Advanced training

    Windy, crosswind, thermal, navigation, emergency landings, spirals and recovery

    Tags: Trike Flying, training, advanced, thermal, spiral, recovery, crosswind