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  • Spiral right

    Spiral Right

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  • Steep Turns

    Unknown pilot, unknown location, unknown country doing steep spiral turns in a trike

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  • Spiral training

    Larry Mednick demonstrates spiral training in a new video which is nicely done.

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  • Justification. Adding Spiral recovery to the PTS

    Based on a number of trike fatalities because of lack of training of pilots being able to exit intentional or unintentional spiral dives, I have decided to pursue getting spiral dive recovery into the Practical Test Standards (PRS) for the USA so all new pilots and CFI's will start training to th...

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  • Max Spiral Nose Down Angle

    Yesterday I tried to get as high pitch angle down in a spiral as I could to test out actual spiral angles. No power, 60 degree bank and about 70 MPH I could only get to the max 30 degrees nose down in a stabilized spiral. It seams like more at the time but the max I could get was 30 which is with...

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  • Martin Advanced training

    Windy, crosswind, thermal, navigation, emergency landings, spirals and recovery

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