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  • Learning to Land - consistently!?

     I am looking for your assistance so PLEASE chime in if you have words of encouragement and wisdom. Today I left the field deflated and frustrated. I didn't solo. The weather was just right - but I wasn't. Now don't get me wrong - even though a lot of the disappointment ...

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  • I am very close to Solo....

    Hi Everyone.  I wish to introduce myself.  My name is Stewart. I am in Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.  I have been learning to fly since July and bought a used XT912 in September. It's yellow base with blue/white cruze wing. If you wish to follow my training blog, please refe...

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  • Sandy Straits Yacht Race 2013

    Filmed on the straits between Hervey bay and Fraser Island Queensland, a friend and I videoed this yacht race from my microlight. The idea of the video was also to show some of the beautiful local scenery. Enjoy.

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  • A Place to Explore

    I live in a wonder place to fly. And there is yet so much to explore. Now if I can just remove that annoying vibration....

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  • Hervey Bay 5000

    Just a short video on a clear day from 5000ft - beautiful. This is why we fly!

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  • MISSION: Flight to Mt. Bauple

    A friend and I flew to a nearby terrain feature that has a summit at 1900ft amsl. Not that high but still worth the trip.

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  • How's your Weather?

    Well it's almost summer here in the great Queensland of Australia.  Flying opportunities have been reduced to a minimum unless you fancy getting out of bed at 430am.  There is the odd day where mother nature relaxes and lets the birds fly free - maybe once or twice a fortnight. ...

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