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  • A Lovely Cruise

    Dave Myers and I visitied Daytona Beach, FL last Janaury, to enjoy some mid-70's temperatures while it was cold back home.  Thinking about doing it again this year!

    Tags: trikes, amphibs, flying, Krucker

  • Interview with Leo Fitzgerald of

    Interview with Leo Fitzgerald of on the local news in Pahrump, NV

    Tags: Trike instruction, intro, flying, license

  • These guys are having some serious fun!

    Just found this in the wild at youtube's suggestion. Good suggestion you tube! Really fun to watch, but check your volume first...

    Tags: flying, competition, formation, fun, landings

  • a nice day for flying

    While most of you enjoyed Lake Havasu this weekened, I had to stay close by. It worked out well (although I would have liked to see some balloons).

    Tags: eldorado lake, northwing, trike, light sport, flying

  • I wonder if this Guy is still alive today?

    Anyone know this guy? Or where he is from? This video gets really 'insane' at 8:20. !!! And then at the end there are parachutists landing at the field - watch and you'll see what I mean!

    Tags: dangerous, flying, illegal, reckless

  • Testing my "Engine Out" flying skills.

    A bit of a boring video I know, and yes it is much easier when the landing site is one that is very familiar and available. But still, a good bit of exercise now and then to learn to judge your descent and distance judging skills.

    Tags: engine out, clipper, air creation, 582, xp15, big red, south africa, propeller, kiev, red, wing, trike, flying, skills

  • Dubová again

    Can you watch it in US?

    Tags: Jozinko, trike, flying, microlight, ultralight

  • Flying with my daddy

    We were at Maly Madaras private airport. 55 minutes takes flight there and 46 minutes back home.

    Tags: Jozinko, trike, flying, microlight, ultralight

  • Dubová

    Dubova airport - Air show

    Tags: Jozinko, trike, flying, microlight, ultralight

  • something from training

    He was quite good, then I decided to simulate him lost of engine power after take off. As you can see he did two mistakes very shortly step by step. Because the view to the approaching ground is terrible, he decided push the bar out. I had to correct it.

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