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  • Ken

    Airports landed: ...nta Inez (IZA), Calvada Meadows, Shoshone (L61), Amargosa, Pahrump Dry Lake,  Mesquite Dry Lake, Lake Havasu City (HII), Barstow (DAG), El Mirage, Flying J, Big Bear City (L35), Flabo...

  • RauckOn

    Interests: Flying and Music

  • RizzyWizzy

    Skills: trike flyingInterests: flyingBrief description: I am Rizwan, 36 years old, I have two college degrees, one BA in ECONOMICS and BBA in ACCOUNTING/FINANACE. I am married and have a 5 year old boy. One of the biggest joy in my life is flying, I own the plane seen with my profile picture.

  • Admin

    About me: ...s, Admin                                                              Your POWERFUL site for friendly, Trikes, Trike Flying, Trike Pilots, Weight Shift C...

  • XC Triker

    Airports landed: ...OT, Headquarters, ID85, K1O3, K3O1, K3O8, KAST, KAVX (Catalina Island), KAWO, KBOK, through KBUR, KC80, KCCB, KCMA, KDAG, El Mirage Dry Lake & Flying J Ranch-El Mirage, KFHR, Over...

  • Dave Marsh

    Interests: Flying Microlights

  • YFT

    Interests: FlyingInterests: flyingInterests: and more flying

  • Sally Tucker aka Deafladyhawk

    Airports landed: Lake Havasu airport, Chemehuevi Valley airport, El Mirage dry lake, and Flying J Ranch

  • Rebel

    Interests: flying and fly fishing

  • Jim Waters

    About me: Been Flying trikes and only trikes for 13 years, started when I was 63 and will be 76 this May, 2015 Have almost 1800 hours as of Jan 2015. Avg. abnut 160 hrs/yr I have 3 trikes;  2 ea. AC Clipper 912 and an Apex Cross-5 HKS Have 3 wings  1 ea. ixess-13, 2 ea. iXess-15.