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    Todays flight was Boulder City - to Jean NV, To Ivanpah dry lake, to kid well, and return. Great flight! Then in an around lake mead for a sunset flight. Not many locals around so low shenanigan factor

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    Lawrie completed his final Navigation flight on Christmas day. He had planned a flight from Yarrawonga to Corowa and then onto Wangaratta. However as the flight progressed a diversion happen...Urana and then back to Yarrawonga. This flight prooved that Lawrie was on th...

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    Today, Trevor was under the impression that he was going for a flight to practice his flight test... How wrong was Trevor. Hi...e was any reason that he could see, why he should not have past a flight test. Trevor gave me a number...

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    ...e photo shows Laura after we landed. This was her first flight in an aircraft. I couldn't stop her talking during the flight. Laura found the PTT and that...and one I was unable to overide it. It was a very funny flight.

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    Yes, you could in fact be too careful. Example, just imagine, you went to the hangar after dinner for an evening flight. You pre flight the trike, and then you think, maybe I missed someth...

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    Gosh Tom! How fabulous was that flight.....the scenery, absolutely stunning. I par...g that you will have more video from that same flight? gotta keep them co...d his warm butt were a welcome addition to the flight but for sure Henrys Booming r...

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    Hey, we could do this virtually from AllTrikes around the world.  I'll make a Photo Album called "First flight of the Year" and we all post our best photo of our first flight of the year in THIS ALBUM.   Then join YFT's event by clicking RSVP and choose "Exhibiting!"

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    ...ot, may share direct expenses for a flight on a pro rata basis. That is, the direct expenses for the flight (fuel, oil, landing or ramp f...aircraft rental for that particular flight if you are actually renting (...ts directly related to the specific flight may be shared.

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    David, the compsumption depend of your flight mode. One time I and my father strong oposit wind. I t was my first night flight...with my darling daddy on bo...:) In that evening I spent 18L for 1h30min of flight. Half of route I flew on full...

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    thats great there is nothing better than taking a kid for his first flight.i have done the same myself a few times and remember my first flight with my cousin years ago.