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  • Caldron VR 360

    Check this out.   It's a 360 VR  #360 VR, # jeff_trike, # caldron Check this out. A 360 degree VR flight over the Caldron of Hell in New Mexico. Go to YouTube, go full screen, use the m...

  • 20161229 Caldron of Hell and Jaws of Death Canyon

    I have been visiting the Caldron of Hell and Jaws of Death since late 2004, for...perfectly for about 45 min before entering the Caldron, I knew the area well, I care...p://    

  • Krista's Trike Ride

    ...a 3.2 hour trike to my favorite spots in the desert west of Belen. We saw the Pools, Arroyo Pato, Valley of the Horses, the Bump, Jaws of Death, Caldron of Hell, the Swimming Pool, R...

  • 2016

    ...ate line. Plus a lot of my favorite spots you may have seen before including 4 season views over the Manzano Mountains, low cruises through the Caldron of Hell and the Jaws of Death...