jeff trikeAerotrike Cobra 912, with a Rival-X wing.

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20161229 Caldron of Hell and Jaws of Death Canyon

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I have been visiting the Caldron of Hell and Jaws of Death since late 2004, for over 12 years now. However, it is only recently have I flown through these beautiful spots the way they are meant to be, down low in calm conditions. I had no clue of the existence of this place until on one of my early flights about 30 miles away for the airport when I stumbled across these two huge eroded sandstone bowls, separated by Jaws of Death Canyon. What a pleasant surprise.

This flight may appear somewhat risky, and it was during several one minute long segments where my I had minimal bail out options. But between, these crazy segments I had flat areas I could set down for a rough landing, then deal with a long hike out. I did what I could to minimize the risks: my engine had been running perfectly for about 45 min before entering the Caldron, I knew the area well, I carefully checked the winds before dropping down, and when I was low, I had plenty of excess speed to pop over to flat spot to the side.

When compared to other flights over water or over dense forest, it wasn't that bad. I was only "out on a limb" for about a minute as opposed to 15 min or longer over water or forest. I was aware when I was exposed and counted down the seconds until I had bail out options again. Next time I come back here, I think I'll give myself a little more breathing room by skipping the low altitude uphill, upstream passes and look at the terrain heading downhill.

It was a crazy flight and I loved every second of it.

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