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  • Fuel Tank Swap

    Out with the old, in with the new. Time for the old fuel tank to come out.

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  • BRS installation in Tanarg

    Here is a set of photos showing a Second Chantz ballistic parachute installation. I went with the gas fired system and John Dunham worked with me to develop a new Tanarg kit and came down to Vegas to install it personally. Great service, and a really nice system

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  • Lake Mead

    Some shots from around Lake mead and Hoover Dam taken the day after the Inspection course

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  • Trike dollies

    Found an easy way to move trikes around in hangars with a tight fit. Trike can be rolled in any direction at any angle by 1 person.

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  • Strobe Lights- My installation on Wheel Pants (spats for you Aussies)

    When prices came down slightly from astronomical for LED strobes, I mounted a pair of Aveo Powerburst LED Strobes / Postion lights on my trike. I debated between mounting them on the wing tips as my friend Henry and many others do and mounting them on the wheel pants. The advantages of LED li...

    Tags: Strobe Light installation on Wheel Pants, Strobe Light installation on Wheel Spats, Tanarg, Wing Tip, LED Strobe

  • A new day ... Dawn of the Tanarg

    Photos of my new (to me) Tanarg

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  • Kens New Tanarg

    Some photos of my new (to me) Tanarg. First flight June 2 after her rescue from Belize

    Tags: Tanarg, Eldorado Dry Lake, Vegas

  • Just Listed on Barnstromers!

    Hi Guys and Gals! I just bought another, newer Tanarg and it's time to pass on this great trike to another proud owner!

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  • Tanarg Trailor

    Ultimate Off-Road Tanarg Trailor

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  • Channel Island Trip

    I had been wanting to do this flight for a while.  I had flown to Catalina before, but in some ways this seemed more challenging--  very isolated, no public airstrips (1 dirt strip that says they will prosecute you for landing there), strong cold currents, great whites, blue whales--...

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