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  • Only a few hours Left on SPOT Locator Beacon Deal

    I am not a SPOT dealer, nor do I have one.  A friend forwarde me this email (link and photo below) where (if I understand correctly) you can get a deal on free service conract for your SPOT locator if you buy one now.  Christmas Gift!!??

    Tags: SPOT, GPS Locator Beacon, Safety, Cross Country, XC, Trike Flying, Trikes, Weight Shift Control Aircraft, WSC, Lightsport, Ultralights, Powered Hang Gliders

  • Survival: A grief-stricken father’s mission

    "“She ended up freezing to death out there” Lenz said, ... “She succumbed to hypothermia and collapsed face down in the snow. She ended up freezing to death out there by herself.”" Mark Lenz has the rest of his life to wonder what might have been, to ponde...

    Tags: Wilderness, Survival, Crash, Cold, Fatality, Death, Flight Plan, ELT, GPS Locator Beacon, 121.5 MHz, emergency locator transmitter, survived, succumbing, miles, daughter shyann, freezing to death