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  • A gyro on the line

    A gyro returning from flight to the staging line on the el mirage dry lake

    Tags: Gyro, el mirage

  • Flying J Hangar

    A shot of the gang collecting in the hangar. Lots-o-trikes!

    Tags: flying J, Airborne, Sabre, el mirage

  • Gyro flight line

    This gyro was just returning from a flight

    Tags: Gyrocopter, el mirage

  • XC - Dave and the other Ken

    Met the usual suspects on the dry lake

    Tags: el mirage, tanarg

  • What is he doing to/in the trike buggy?

    Chad of trikebuggy fame drove this ppg trike back and forth from el mirage to flying J. Sometimes it was without a wing, sometimes with a ppg, and sometimes with a trike wing. Versatile!

    Tags: flying J, trikebuggy, el mirage, ppt

  • Backup power

    Found a second motor on this little gyro. So it has a pusher and a puller :)

    Tags: gyro, el mirage

  • T T T Turbo

    HKS Turbo charged gyro - I like it!

    Tags: HKS, turbo, gyro, el mirage

  • Two incredible machines

    Just loved this awesome gyro with an awesome RV towing rig, Best of show!

    Tags: gyrocopter, el mirage, RV

  • Tail heavy

    Lots of these on the flight line. Look to be home built, lots of engine combinations. Anyone know the story?

    Tags: gyro, el mirage

  • Hokey pokey

    This guy was doing the hokey pokey in this gyro. Really nice machine with a 100hp rotax 912!

    Tags: gyro, el mirage