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  • Testing my "Engine Out" flying skills.

    A bit of a boring video I know, and yes it is much easier when the landing site is one that is very familiar and available. But still, a good bit of exercise now and then to learn to judge your descent and distance judging skills.

    Tags: engine out, clipper, air creation, 582, xp15, big red, south africa, propeller, kiev, red, wing, trike, flying, skills

  • Monument Valley Trike Gathering

    A gathering of trike pilots at Monument Valley UT/AZ in November of 2010

    Tags: Trike Flying, Monument Valley, Northwing, Air Creation, Airborne, DTA

  • Air Creation 1994

    Air Creation 1994 - a promotional factory video demonstration of the light sport trikes manufactured during the 1990s, including the GTE Series trikes and the Mild 16 and XP 15 wings. This unique video established a significant influence to chase a dream to be the Australian Air Creation distribu...

    Tags: Air Creation, 1994, GTE Trikes, XP15, Mild 16, Factory, Promotional

  • A Secret Tribute - 1996

    You be the judge.... Air Creation in Australia.!

    Tags: Air Creation

  • A Secret Tribute 1996

    You be the judge....Air Creation in Australia.!

    Tags: Air Creation, CASA Australia

  • Trikes on Skis- Beautiful Scenery

    Air Creation trikes (Tanarg, Skypper) flying off snow covered mountains on skis. Breath taking.

    Tags: Air Creation, Tanarg, Skypper, BioniX, snow, mountain, skis

  • Fixing my Suspension

    Back in the Air :) Yesterday I went to try my suspension and it worked like new.

    Tags: Suspension, Air Creation, Shock Abosorber

  • Crow Island Trike Flying-- by Stu Sinclair

    Flying my Air Creation in and around Crow Island, MA, and RI.

    Tags: Air Creation, Crow Island, Trike, Massachusetts, Rhode Island

  • True Glory III 2014 - Episode One

    What's the Secret.? Episode One... True Glory III.. .. Harry Potter, Toy Story, Batman.. or How to Tame a Dragon sequal, lookout - we fly.. Tanargs..! So many awesome photos & videos of a magic adventure.. to import, comply & fly four Air Creation - Light Sport A...

    Tags: Air Creation

  • Skimming Over Tule Fog and Under a Sunrise

    I got up early to see the sunrise, then was rewarded with the unexpected beauty of Tule fog.

    Tags: Air Creation, Pixel, sunrise