YFTP&M, Airborne, Apolo, Aircreation and REVO. Most models of all.

To many to list.


ISO Speed280
Focal Length4mm
Captured2015:04:18 18:48:11

Formation Saturday

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Formation Saturday


  • YFT

    My favorite shot as we climbed through 3000 feet above the aerodrome.

  • Jozinko

    My favorite shot too, because I cant to turn my monitor :)

  • white eagle

    peter that is just a great shot  iam puzzled thou there seems to be two white maidens in that shot. who is the other white tanarg?   ill charish that flight with you for a long time  flying over that same lake  i think when we flew down to the mountainous region of austrailia.i remember seeing that police heli cross below us and then he followed us to margareeta ? i think  . when i landed there i saw the police looking over at me and walking up pointing to the trike. i was like oh god i did something wrong and iam going to be incarcerated in some historic prison and a new meaning for mate in austrailia. relieved they just wanted to see the tanarg. whew

  • YFT

    Hi WE, The forth Trike is an airbrone XT-912. Gary owns that one.

  • white eagle

    thanks yft   for a while i thought the white maiden was cheating on anne         white maiden is my favorite trike btw